About Us

At Recharge Lab, we empower you to discover the infinite source of energy within so you can unleash your full potential.

Our mission to “Power Purpose & Power Your Passion” encapsulates our belief that true success comes from having the energy and vitality to not only play the game, but lead the game.

We understand that life can be demanding, and self-care is essential. That's why we've created a sanctuary for you to recharge your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being in as little as 30 minutes.

Our Personalised wellness solutions are grounded in ancient principles and modern science and proven to accelerate the ability to Relax | Recover | Recharge the Mind | Body | Spirit so you can immediately live your best life the moment you step outside.

Experience the Recharge Lab difference, Power Your Passion | Purpose and leave feeling Relaxed | Recovered | Recharged and ready to lead the game.

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Our Story

We know stress all too well. After two decades in high-pressure careers, we tried everything to improve our sleep, recovery and overall performance. That's until we stumbled upon floatation therapy in 2016. Floating in skin temperature water and disconnecting from the outside world brought us unparalleled relaxation and rejuvenation. Infrared therapy was a natural addition to our self-care routine, enhancing our overall health from the inside out.

We were so inspired by the transformative effects of those two effortless practices that we founded True North Float in 2020 to share the profound, natural healing benefits with the wider community.

Today, we’re known as Recharge Lab and offer a range of premium treatments to recharge the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. These include a range of floatation therapies, Zerobody Dry-Float, Infrared Sauna, IV Vitamin Infusions, NormaTec compression therapy, a dedicated Recovery Zone and bioresonance scans.

We are so proud of the healing sanctuary we have created and cannot wait to share with you.

James & Belinda
Recharge Lab