Stimulate Skin Rejuvenation and Resolve Problem Skin Conditions.

What is LED Light Therapy?

Discover the transformative power of LED light therapy, a non-invasive treatment revolutionising skincare. Utilising targeted light energy, LED therapy triggers your body's natural cell processes to rejuvenate and repair the skin. This pain-free procedure is designed to target both the epidermis and dermis layers, effectively stimulating collagen and elastin production, boosting circulation, and accelerating tissue repair.

LED Light Therapy

Benefits of Treatment:

At Recharge Lab, we proudly introduce the Zemits LED Light Therapy machine, delivering three clinically proven wavelengths for LED phototherapy.

LED Blue:

Combat blemishes and prevent breakouts effortlessly with this acne-fighting light. Ideal for acne-prone skin, it balances oil production and improves skin clarity without irritation.

LED Red:

Rejuvenate and revitalise your skin with this rejuvenating light, reducing fine lines and wrinkles while enhancing complexion, texture, and tone. Experience restored radiance and increased natural hydration.

LED Near Infrared:

Accelerate skin repair and reduce inflammation with this soothing light, perfect for treating pigmentation, scars, rosacea, and redness.

Our Zemits LED Light therapy machine can deliver two wavelengths simultaneously, ensuring enhanced efficacy and accelerated results tailored to your unique skin needs.

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

LED light treatment is ideal for those with mild to moderate skin concerns such as sun damage, wrinkles, and poor skin texture. Safe for all skin types, it can be combined with other techniques for optimal results.

During the treatment, expect a warm sensation as the powerful, 1,500 LED lights work their magic. Rest assured, this is entirely normal and comfortable.

No downtime is associated with LED light therapy, allowing you to resume your daily activities immediately after treatment.

Noticeable results can be observed after just one session, with the best outcomes achieved through a series of treatments.

Typically, a series of treatments twice a week for 4 – 6 weeks is recommended, followed by maintenance sessions as needed.

Starting at $65, our LED light therapy offers an affordable solution for radiant, rejuvenated skin. Packages are available for a series of treatments.

Absolutely! Enhance your treatment experience by combining LED light therapy with our other offerings, including Wonder Face Muscle Toning and Wonder Axon Body Toning.

Pregnant women and individuals with light-induced migraines or epilepsy should refrain from LED light therapy.

Our medical-grade, clinically proven in-clinic LED device offers superior power and precise wavelengths compared to at-home devices, ensuring optimal results.

Yes, makeup should be removed before receiving light therapy to maximise the effectiveness of the treatment.

Discover Light Therapy

Experience the transformative power of LED light therapy.

Experience the transformative power of LED light therapy at Recharge Lab and unveil a radiant, revitalised complexion. Book your free consultation today and embark on a journey to luminous skin!